Founded in 1985 with its uncompromising vision focused on quality and success, Ceytun Construction has come through many projects both in domestic and international spheres.

Prioritizing the quality in each project it takes on, what Ceytun Construction wishes with Signature project is to become the address of peace and prestige in Nairobi, the most valued city of the Continental Africa. With its details designed in line with this aim, the life you dream is waiting for you at your new home.

Ceytun Construction puts its signature to a new project which will enhance your life standards in the heart of Nairobi, by its sight that redefines the luxury.

You are where you live!

Signature, the new address of those who appreciate quality and comfort in life style, is rising over the most prestigious district of the city.

Making you neighbor on the significant business centers of the city and Yaya Center, the shopping heart of Nairobi, Signature promises a life of comfort just at the center of the city.

Besides its incomparable location, Signature offers the life you dream for your family by its elegant architecture, high level of security, and wide social opportunities.

Safety is of utmost importance for the peace at home. Therefore; in the project which is designed with elaboration in each detail for the safety of you and your family, every axis of your life area is inspected by the security guards and watched via security cameras that run by non-stop power supply for 24 hours.

All the stranger cars that wish to go into the site are passed through a tight control due to the two-stage entrance. No one could enter the apartments without your confirmation thanks to the video-diaphone placed in your flat.

Within the boundaries of Signature, which is surrounded by the walls with electrified and barbed fences on, what is left to do is just to lean back and enjoy the life in safe.

Each moment with your family is priceless.

Therefore; nature, sports and entertainment are as near as your home with Signature.

With its social areas to value the time with your loved ones, 100 m² of gymnasium to relax, 265 m² of open-air swimming pool and sun area, and 100 m² of playground and green zones, a pleasant life is waiting for you at your new home.

Numerous facilities such as a parking garage of two-car capacity for each flat, maid rooms with a separate entrance in each flat, car wash service, generator to avoid power cut, and double elevators in each floor to ease the access to home are what bring you together with the comfort in luxury.

We cared about tomorrow along with today while taking the balance and harmony of the nature to your home.

Therefore, we use purified rainwater in watering and car washing. We supply the hot water for 24 hours from the solar power. While benefiting from the solar power for the lighting of your new home, which is sensitive both to the nature and your family economy, we keep all the lightings linked to the mains power and generator for the sake of security.

Type A1
3+1 179 m²
Gross Area: 166.5 m²
Balcony : 12.5 m²
Type B1
3+1 203 m²
Gross Area: 167.5 m²
Balcony : 35.5 m²
Type C1
3+1 214.5 m²
Gross Area: 180 m²
Balcony : 34.5 m²
Type D1
3+1 189.5 m²
Gross Area: 169.5 m²
Balcony : 20 m²
Type E1
3+1 207 m²
Gross Area: 185.5 m²
Balcony : 21.5 m²
Type F1
3+1 224.5 m²
Gross Area: 185 m²
Balcony : 39.5 m²
Type G1
3+1 204.5 m²
Gross Area: 168.5 m²
Balcony : 36 m²
Type H1
3+1 179.5 m²
Gross Area: 166.5 m²
Balcony : 13 m²
350 m²
Gross Area: 268 m²
Terrace: 53 m²
Balcony : 29 m²
338.5 m²
Gross Area: 257.5 m²
Terrace: 47.5 m²
Balcony : 33.5 m²
259.5 m²
Gross Area: 202.5 m²
Terrace: 28.5 m²
Balcony : 28.5 m²
346 m²
Gross Area: 256 m²
Terrace: 53.5 m²
Balcony : 36.5 m²
561 m²
Gross Area: 353.5 m²
Terrace: 186 m²
Balcony : 21.5 m²
535.5 m²
Gross Area: 351.5 m²
Terrace: 168 m²
Balcony : 16 m²
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